Polycarbonate Panels

Materials, Design, Installation

Polycarbonate materials are well know for high quality in greenhouse, sunroom and sunroof designs. This product is used in a number of commercial and residential projects, is cost effective and easy to work with.

All of our polycarbonate panels have a UV protective coat and 10 years warranty. These panels are produced from the top branded polycarbonate granules (Bayer and Sabic). Our supply list includes: Multi-wall (Twin, Triple) and solid Lexan polycarbonate panels which are a great alternative to glass panels!

Polycarbonate panels are designed and perfect for applications requiring a material which offers: high light transmission, thermal insulation, lightness of weight with strength, high shock resistance, and design flexibility. These products are popular for greenhouse coverings and sunroofs!

Multiwall polycarbonate

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