Multiwall polycarbonate

Multiwall polycarbonate

A multiwall polycarbonate sheet is a construction material with a cellular structure, which forms hollow panels. They come in different thickness types and are equipped with additional stiffening ribs to strengthen the construction and provide extra strength and flexibility to the sheet. This structure is required to improve thermal insulation properties: thanks to its honeycomb structure there is air in the cells between the dividing partitions inside the sheet, and this way the thermal insulation of the structure is provided.

A multiwall polycarbonate sheet is used for the following purposes:
 •creating sunshades and public transport shelters;
 •making fences for bank ATMs;
• installing sound and thermal insulation layers for constructions of various types;
• building roofs and walls of greenhouses, exhibition centers, stores, telephone booths, and many other buildings;
• finishing facades of office buildings, terminals, hotels, stadiums, etc.

Benefits of using multiwall polycarbonate roofing sheets
• Durability. Honeycomb polycarbonate is resistant to any influence. In fact, its characteristics are far superior to glass.
• Protection from ultraviolet light. A protective UV-layer that is applied by coextrusion on the surface of multiwall polycarbonate panels prevents material fading from sunlight.
• High performance characteristics. Thermal and noise insulation, light transmission and light scattering, plasticity and fire resistance make this material one of the best on the market.
• Affordable price. Honeycomb polycarbonate production technology allows for a reasonable price of the material.
• Virgin raw material. In Canada EcoFort multiwall polycarbonate sheets are made from 100% virgin raw materials, which ensures the highest quality of the product.

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