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Ecofort greenhouse is designed to be installed on a small area. Dimensions ft. of the construction: minimum length 13 ft., width 10 ft. The frame is made of metal profile with galvanized protection, with several layers of polycarbonate on top.

Regardless of weather conditions, Ecosoft will guarantee a consistently high yield.

The compact greenhouse model is a perfect solution for novice vegetable gardeners who grow their own vegetable crops. The construction can accommodate 3 beds with a comfortable passageway. Ecofort greenhouse will work out great for experienced gardeners as well: it can be placed in the garden.

Reinforced greenhouse

The model is developed in 2021. The polycarbonate construction has 1х1 inch diameter tubes with 1.65 ft. foot spacing. Additional pipe reinforcement is practiced on the frame. Technical details are improved to the smallest detail eliminating imperfections of the predecessor models. There are no analogues on the market in terms of the ability to withstand wind and snow loads.

The riveted one-piece construction is based on a double-sided galvanized tube. Quick assembly: the tips are supplied pre-assembled, all it takes is positioning the solid tubes in the correct order.

Please note! Compared to standard models, Ecofort reinforced greenhouse has holes for attaching longitudinal rafters. You will therefore save time previously spent on correcting production faults with the drill.

The greenhouse has posts and snow archways located crosswise at the height of 6.5 feet. Savvy gardeners tie their crops to them.

Since the greenhouse is made in a non-welded manner, oxidation of the seam and corrosion damage is excluded. Diagonal braces on each end-face additionally ensure the reliability of the structure.

The stability of the greenhouse is improved by the extended lifting eyes. There is no need to lay foundations, so gardeners can avoid the time and financial expenses.

The polycarbonate is fixed by means of a system based on a tie band made of galvanized metal. This solution facilitates installation work and is recognized as the most reliable mounting option. The fastening system enhances wind resistance and prevents moisture from penetrating inside the greenhouse. When compared to self-tapping screws, it does not press through polycarbonate and is corrosion resistant.


Key features of Ecofort greenhouse:

 • The galvanized metal frame is fixed with self-tapping screws.

 • Standard dimensions: 10 x 13 ft, weight 220 LB. (Provision is made for tension strain: 7.5 ft.).

 •The assembled construction has a height of 7.25 ft.

 • Maximum snow load resistance is 530 ft / sq.ft.

 • Coating: top quality sheets with multi-layer polycarbonate created on the equipment of an Italian brand.

 •There is no need for foundations. Strengthening in the ground is done by digging in the ends of the T-shaped frame.

 •The frame is made of a 0.04 foot thick profile made of galvanized metal.


Installation is done by two people. In addition to the time to prepare the site, the assembly of the structure will take 2-4 hours.

Tools needed:

• a screwdriver

• a cardboard cutter

• a roulette

• a level

• a set of sockets

• a stepladder

• gloves

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